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You are here because you are in grief that has come from a terrible loss. You may have lost an important person, relationship or a heart animal. You may have had a huge life change such as the loss of your health, home, or job. Your unique loss and the grief that comes from it hurts. I believe it is the most difficult thing any of us experiences. 

I may not completely understand your unique grief, however, I can relate. I lost my husband of 30 years from a sudden onset brain tumor just a couple of weeks before the mandatory lockdown was imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. I experienced deep grief home alone as a new widow within an unrecognizable world ruled by fear. I lost my love, my business partner, our clinic and was left with a shattered life.

I had a lot of challenges. The biggest was dealing with my overwhelming emotions and the toll they were taking on me physically and mentally. The news was full of negativity and hopelessness so I turned inward. I took notes about my days in our empty appointment book. I had never journaled before but that is what this daily habit became. Some days I vented. Other days I simply wrote pages about my feelings, about my fears, documented conversations, the weather or any small task I completed. 

I saw that my process was helping me gain strength and understanding even through especially hard “heart days “ that came up. I was shocked by improved self-esteem and an unexpected more positive future that revealed itself in the darkest time of my life. As I continued writing and reviewing my habits, I realized my framework was adaptable and I could share it with others like you who are also suffering with grief.

This digital course, Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss©, includes videos I have recorded to guide you through the accompanying downloadable workbook where the only requirement is for you to be present and true to yourself, not to anyone else’s idea of grief. The workbook came out of what I learned but the path it creates is completely open for you to use in unburdening yourself of your overwhelming emotions, to fill with the unique aspects of your grief story and discover all the learning it has to offer you according to your own grief time clock.

Take this unique transformational journey. Experience developing perspective that comes out of your own grief so that you can make decisions to help you uncover as yet unknown possibilities for a brighter future and more peace in your heart. You are not alone, I’m right there with you.

Finding Empowerment In Grief & Loss

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Meet Your Guide to Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss

Molly has been passionate about increasing people’s self-esteem through coaching for many years but never more so than when she was suddenly widowed on the verge of the COVID pandemic. Left to navigate devastatingly deep grief in solitude as the worldwide lockdown spread, Molly turned to intense introspection writing about her feelings and experiences.

Her determination to turn away from the avalanche of negative news led her to write and publish the bestselling book, Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss©, the first book in her Own Your Self-Esteem© series. She extended the series to include a much expanded Workbook with Adult Coloring and Practice Journaling pages as well as her Digital course with 18 personally recorded videos to guide the reader through the downloadable Workbook.

Molly lives with her two dogs in Colorado where her terriers enjoy many experiences in the performance ring and arena, loving to race, follow their noses, and cooperate in obedience and agility challenges. 

Engage your brain to help your heart.

Molly Killip Campbell

Finding Empowerment in Grief & Loss Course



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